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Lesson 1:

The Daniels Building is home to the John H Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at The University of Toronto. Originally built in 1875 and designed by architect James Avon Smith in the Gothic Revival style.

During World War 1 it was turned into a military barracks, then later converted to a military hospital. Fun fact, Amelia Earhart – yes, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Amelia Earhart, worked as a nurses aide. It was turned into a veterans hospital and was eventually acquired by the University of Toronto.

Amelia Earhart Nurse

With such an interesting and colourful past you can only wonder what did the future hold for this historic heritage building. In June 2013 U of T announced a significant overhaul. The University of Toronto has always paid special attention to the care and creation of the buildings on their historic campus. They approached this project with the same rigour and attention to detail.

Working with the NADAAA Architects, Clifford Group, and ERA Architects, Ridley Windows and Doors were brought on board to replicate the Gothic style windows. This included unique exterior casing profiles and custom SDL (simulated divided light) pattern.

Daniels Building Exterior 1
white circle 80

We think we
saw the current students
taking note as we skillfully installed our beautiful and historically accurate windows into their old/new space. It was an excellent lesson for the observing students why Ridley is the choice for historical replication and replacement.

Our unique installation process

Using our unique installation process, cost effective replacement solutions and superior warranty backed Flexicron coating, we completed the restoration project on time and on budget.

We bring over 20 years of experience working on heritage projects throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Our staff, crew and products offer a superior level of service to satisfy any production need.

Daniels Building Interior 4

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