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If these windows could talk.

While replacing the windows of the storied Broadview Hotel, we have to admit we couldn’t help but blush when we were informed of this notable heritage building’s colourful past.

A past, which included housing the infamous Jilly’s gentlemans’ club on the main floor.

Broadview Hotel Corner

The Broadview Hotel was built in 1893 for Archibald Dingman and designed by Robert Ogilvie. It actually wasn’t built as a hotel at first. It’s first use was part hall, part retail and office space. Back then it was called Dingman’s Hall.

In 1907 it was sold to Thomas J. Edwards. Architect George Wallace Gouinlock was hired to transform Dingman’s Hall into the Lincoln Hotel. You could rent a room for $1.50 per night and still have money left over to go to the theatre.

Ridley Broadview Hotel Window Detail 1
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Flexacron Paint Finish

Flexacron coating technology provides a unique combination of surface toughness, flexibility and durability. Electrostatically applied, the Flexacron finish provides an incredible level of protection against the elements-ultraviolet light, abrasive winds and even acid rain. As well, like its name suggests, Flexacron provides the ability to be flexible enough to protect against seasonal changes in temperature that creates expansion and contraction.

Designed with arched windows reflecting a Richardsonian Romanesque style, made it an eye-catching Toronto landmark. To preserve its historic details during its restoration-it was bought by developers Streetcar Developments and Dream Unlimited, Ridley Windows and Doors were enlisted to replace its windows.

Ridley Broadview Hotel Window Detail 2
Broadview Hotel on Broadview

Using our unique installation process, cost effective replacement solutions and superior warranty backed Flexacron coating, we completed the restoration project on time and on budget with heritage restoration and replication lead by ERA architects.

We bring over 20 years of experience working on heritage projects throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Our staff, crew and products offer a superior level of service to satisfy any production need.

Whether you’re restoring a tired old hotel with an infamous history or a century’s old church, visit our website for more information to see how we can help you www.ridley-windows.com.

Flexacron Paint Finish

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Ridley provides expert installation in the heritage field. Our crews work solely for Ridley and are WHMIS certified. Our collective experience and craftsmanship have been an integral part of so many of the successful heritage restoration projects stretching from Toronto all the way to Calgary. Our process begins with a review of the tender drawings. We then visit the site to review each opening and take the appropriate measurements. We can quickly identify any potential problems down the road and offer solutions that save both time and money. Ridley is proud to supply an excellent product, but our secret sauce is our crews and their ability to retrofit new windows into what can often be challenging openings. We take great pride in our team and our process and believe we are an asset on any heritage project.

Replicating Heritage Windows

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With heritage buildings, the decades of wear and tear and the elements can take their toll on all aspects of the building, especially the windows. When the original windows are beyond restoration, replication is the perfect solution. One of the hallmarks of Ridley’s heritage process is our ability to replicate the finer details of a heritage window. Our windows are built and tested to meet and exceed the most stringent code requirements; a must on any heritage project and building. Our product has the longest paint warranty on the market. Our heritage windows give all the benefits of a contemporary model while replicating the character and the aesthetic of a true original

Heritage Board-approved solutions for window replacement projects.

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